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And that's the reason why your relationships fail all the time. It's because you felt this second parent's distress while growing up and vowed to never let your partner bear all the burden themselves.

You vowed to be there for them through thick and through thin, which your world-conquering parent failed to do for your burden-bearing parent. Unfortunately, your good intentions have only attracted to you people like your world-conquering parent.

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People who take, take, and take from you, but never give anything back. And the Tarot says you must separate yourself from your burden-bearing parent's story if you want a happy ever after. Because their story and their decision to not speak up was their own. And you need to stop seeing them as a victim. Virgo, you need to move on from this relationship. Not because you don't love them anymore, but because they are preventing you from living your dreams and fulfilling your purpose here on Earth. Libra, you will never have a great relationship as long as you look to your partner to provide you with financial security and stability.

Because that voice in your head that says it's their duty to pay for you and make you feel secure is wrong. You are nobody's responsibility. You are your own responsibility. And you need to be financially independent first if you want to have a great relationship with someone who genuinely loves and cares for you. Scorpio, this relationship is already marked by Death.

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  5. And nothing and no one can save it. That's the painful truth you have been avoiding for so long. That you desperately wanted them to be the one when they are not. Sagittarius, the painful truth you must confront is that you have been holding on to someone who is clearly too afraid to take a leap of faith towards you. Not because they don't care for you, but because appeasing their friends and family means more to them than their own happiness. And that's okay. Everyone has free will to choose to live however they wish to live.

    And you shouldn't be so arrogant to think nobody in the world is allowed to reject you. When was the last time you did something just because you wanted to do it and not because your partner wanted to do it, Capricorn?

    Aries (March 21- April 19)

    Like, buy a jacket because you looked bomb in the mirror, or treat yourself to a solo date at your favorite restaurant without telling anyone about it? Because if you have always done things to please others, it shouldn't surprise you that you are so unsatisfied by your relationships. So please yourself first.

    Treat yourself the way you want an ideal partner to treat you. That's the only way to go now. Aquarius, you have withdrawn from the dating world because you are not good at enforcing your boundaries.


    Not that people are mean and out to get you, or that all guys or girls are disrespectful and nasty. You are bad at enforcing your boundaries, so your relationships become toxic cesspools.

    So, now that you know the problem, don't sit on your hands and do nothing about it. You can do it! Pisces, the painful truth that is preventing you from having a great relationship is your denial that you are extraordinary.

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