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An Aries man gets his high from a partner who demands a lot of sex from him. It delights him and he can lay in bed all day long to satisfy her. Deep down, an Aries man wants romance but a very different kind of romance.

The Aries man

He gets attracted by a woman who matches his mind set and loves to play along the same lines as him. In order to please an Aries man in bed, you should read the below-mentioned top 10 sexual traits:. An Aries man loves the very act of sex. He gets attracted to sex in a very wham bam fashion. He can prolong the foreplay but sex is often a quickie for him. When in a relationship, he will need lots of sex.

He has a huge sex drive and will want it a number of times in a single day. His partner should be able to keep up with his pace to please him better and also enjoy too much of sex just like him. Pre-decided and scheduled sex is a huge turn off for the Aries man. For him, sex has to be impulsive and spontaneous. You cannot imagine an Aries man lying on top of you in a missionary position listening to sweet songs.

For him, sex is more fun and it should be quick. You cannot lay a candle lit dinner and set an ambiance to woo him into sex. You can, on the contrary, grab him suddenly for sex. Your sex life with an Aries man can be very interesting and very rough as he is sexually aggressive. He can get very rough while in bed and be very forceful while having sex with his partner. You can expect a lot of bites, whips and slaps on your butt while having sex with him and if your horoscope particularly blends with such a man then you too will have a very wild sex life with your sexually aggressive man.

An Aries man gets turned on by women who play a little hard to get. A woman who is easily available and who would readily open her clothes and lay quietly in bed would make her Aries man lose all interest in her.

Aries Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

He loves to chase his women and gets attracted to those who are a little unapproachable. He loves challenges in life and this trait of his applies to his sex life also. If a woman desires emotional sex and a lot of passionate bonding with her guy in her sex life then the Aries man is just not the right match for her.

He cannot connect sex with emotions and takes sex only as fun.

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Foreplay with an Aries man can be longer than the actual act as while in the act, they love to wham, bam and go. He will hold himself enjoying erotic sex toys and other erotic fun but when into the act, he will prefer a quickie. A woman who acts too shy to talk about sex or do naughty things together is perceived as boring and uninteresting by the Aries man. He prefers wild woman who can set the bed on fire with her wild acts and erotic display.

In fact, an Aries man would love a sex fight while in bed. Any woman who loves to play around, indulge in naked wrestling or pillow fight will turn him on. Their mood swings can go from one extreme to another. It might be as if an Aries man is professing his love to you on Monday and blocking your number on Friday. Only a woman who can keep his interest alive will survive the relationship.

An Aries man rules the head and hence head is their erogenous zone. If you stroke his head or move your hands through his hair, he might get aroused. Also, he loves squeals and shouts while in the act. He would love his partner to shout obscenities at him while getting banged by him. An Aries man loves to have sex with some weird sex toys. He would love to tie up his woman and engage in some wild foreplay.

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He also loves to have crazy sexual encounters with a vibrator, dildo, whip and other such sex toys. An Aries man can also resort to exhibitionism or public sex to satisfy their wild sexual cravings. He can make love on a bar table or in the kitchen. He would often keep the blinds open and does not mind giving a public display of his act. That is one sure thing that turns him on and makes his libido go much more higher.

Aries man sexual traits. An Aries man has a huge sex drive. An Aries man does not like scheduled sex. He is sexually aggressive. They love to chase their women. The Aries man needs to always have some independence, as long as he has a man cave, or somewhere he can call his own, he will be loyal, loving and a potential life partner. He is sincere, will not play mind games and will be open and honest with you right from the start. So what characteristics makes an Aries man compatibility an easy catch? The Aries man personality is passionate, active and determined.

He needs to be with someone who admires this and also has the same drive in life. He is not one for over-emotional people as he lacks patience. He is attracted to energetic, happy and ardent lovers and he is not a time-waster, he will make his intentions clear from the beginning. Have you met an Aries man? Are you attracted to an Aries but not sure how to capture his heart? Call today and find out if you have a future together! Browse through all Astrology and Horoscopes Articles.

The 5 Best Sex Positions for Aries

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