Aquarius february 7 horoscope

While a little eccentric, they are also thought of as rebels and are known for their revolutionary ideas. Friendliness and intelligence make the Aquarius successful in life.

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The Aquarius man does not fall in love head over heels. He will have many relationships plus affairs and flings. The Aquarius horoscope will concur, "You will have to be patient for your Aquarius love to become a long-term commitment; you are being tested.

Aquarius Horoscope For Tuesday, November 12,

Aquarius signs are looking for mentally stimulating partners with ethics, honesty and courage. To the Aquarius sex is experimentation. They want a sensual examination of their partner's body before making love. Both male and female will take on the sexual submissive as well as the dominating role in the bedroom.

Sex will be sensual, erotic and exotic without many inhibitions. While ankles and legs are erogenous zones, experimentation in new settings with new positions is an equally sensual experience. Astrologically, the Aquarius woman is the most beautiful, charming and mysterious in the zodiac. The male, astrologically, is the most unpredictable and masculine of all. These two zodiac signs will have a lot of friends, but there will be very few close ones.

February 7 Zodiac Sign

They are too busy out climbing mountains. Neither Aquarius men nor women fall in love easily. But once they do, an Aquarius will be honest and faithful. Aquarius sees the world as it should be, could be or will be. Definitely tuned into the beat of a different drummer, you do things in your own way.

There are, however, some Aquarians who act a lot more like Capricorns.

Freedom is extremely important to you. You are destined to bring the world new ways of doing and looking at things and must have the space to be able to manifest it. Your sense of style is unique and sometimes flamboyant. You can relate to almost all others in a detached way and you are dedicated to bringing humanity a step closer to fair and just.

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You have many friends and you are conversant in an abundance of topics. You follow your intuition with a sense of purpose and you listen to it even when it seems odd. You want everyone to be happy. If there is a way that you can make it happen, you will do it.

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Aquarius Traits

Like a mama duck, you sometimes have people following behind you and seeking your inspiration. You are very good at leading groups and can often be found teaching unusual topics. Best matches for you : Sagittarius shares your love of philosophy and together you will go far. Good matches for you : Gemini engages you in lots of late night conversation as the two of you want to discuss everything.

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