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The influence of Juno is not the same in all horoscopes though. It is influential in the 5th, 7th and 9th Houses but can be quite weak in 1st or 3rd Houses. One must never forget that Juno is not related to short-lived affairs. It shows when, from where and how a partner-for-life will arrive. Juno was never completely understood in Western Astrology. In the case of detailed relationship and marriage compatibility analyses that we call Synastry, Juno bears further importance as it points to a karmic destiny partner, our tendencies in love that we bring from previous lives and the relationships that have their roots in the distant past.

Juno is sometimes associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius and sometimes with Mars and Aries. However, it must never be associated with Venus, Libra or the 7th House. Juno is one of the most dominant feminine elements in a horoscope. For instance, during a South Moon Node-Juno conjunction, an auspicious Jupiter transit helps you to meet your future spouse.

Following auspicious transits of Jupiter while aspecting Venus and the Sun can also give us the periods when this relationship will develop and when you will marry. Astrological analyses can, as we have written until now, give us many hints about the nature of love. The most important factors in these analyses are generally the courses of one-to-one relationships themselves. In short, an Astrologer can at any time tell you about how a certain relationship will influence you. Juno in Aries Your partner will be aggressive, short-tempered, and ambitious. Juno in Taurus This position points to an unchanging, joy-loving, security-seeking, physically attractive spouse.

Juno, when positioned in Taurus, can also mean monetary security and prosperity will come after marriage. You will see that your future spouse will care too much about money. Juno in Taurus may also mean the spouse will be quite attractive physically and earn a great deal in business. What you need is someone talkative, active, intelligent and logical.

This position may mean you will marry a relative.

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It can also be deducted that your future spouse will be someone you have met during school days. A Juno position in Gemini sometimes points to a second marriage and the chance to find your soul mate. Juno in Cancer What you need is a sensitive and emotional partner. This person can appear early in your life.

It is probable that your partner will not be much strong and healthy. However, this person may also be a bossy and immature one with a strong ego. If your natal Juno has inauspicious aspectual relationships, you must keep away from shy and withdrawn persons. Under such a positioning, your first love affair can lead to marriage. Juno in Virgo What you need is a partner who is effective, hard-working and attentive to your health.

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This asteroid can also represent custody issues around children too, including abduction…. The Glyph Of Ceres. Discovered next was Pallas, or Pallas Athene, third largest asteroid. Pallas can be interpreted as our creative intellect and efforts. In astrology, Pallas can be an indicator of wisdom, intelligence and healing. She is a tomboy, that harnesses a more male energy, embodying the warrior archetype.

She is a daughter born when a boy was wanted. Pallas shows where you have genius qualities in your chart — although you may doubt yourself.

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The Glyph Of Pallas. Third discovered, Juno is the ninth largest asteroid. In Greek mythology she is the equivalent of goddess Hera. Incredibly important in both Greek and Roman culture she was hailed as Queen of the Gods. She fulfilled her duties as a loyal partner, however it was typical for her to kill the offspring of Zeus born of other women — and to slay his other lovers. They may also be unpredictable and unreliable when it comes to promises and deadlines you give them.


Gemini has no particular intent on keeping to a certain path, so there still is a possibility with this placement not to be married at all. The marriage partner may often have unpredictable mood swings, based on their rationality of things, therefore needing clear communication of things in order for them to avoid episodes of anxiety. Ultimately what you desire in a long-term relationship is variety, communication, someone who is intellectual and social, and can keep the relationship fresh and interesting. You may desire marriage to establish strong family foundations.

You may want a marriage partner who is gentle, sensitive and caring, and can easily get on well with members of your family and particularly your mother or mother figure. They may also enjoy cooking for you, and you for them. Your marriage partner may be emotionally intuitive and sensitive, and enjoys staying close to your side, offering physical affection whenever possible.

They may be quite protective of you, and will defend you in times of need. The marriage partner may also wish to start a family, and you or the partner may strongly wish to become a parent after marriage. They can also be quite clingy and smothering, never really allowing you your own independent need for space.

Their sentimentality about things past in the relationship may be brought up, and they may become quite emotional and cranky if you were to forget an anniversary. Ultimately what you desire in a marriage partner is loyalty, openness and sympathy, emotional connection, care, security and perhaps to start your own family and to continue family traditions. You may desire a bold, expressive and charismatic partner. You want the marriage partner to make you feel special in the relationship, and be quite romantic and affectionate, never forgetting to remind you how much they love you, spoiling you with surprises and courteous gestures and tokens of appreciation.

They may have a very strong and dignified personality, and you can find charismatic leadership ability quite attractive. Your marriage partner may be quite playful and humorous, extruding a sunny disposition and approaching the marriage with a copious amount of energy and enthusiasm. You want to be able to take pride in your partner, not being afraid to show them off and express how closely bonded you are to them. You want to be able to share a spotlight with your partner where you feel like you are the only two in the world. You desire to experience warmth and generosity in the marriage throughout your time spent together.

At times, they may over-dramatically react to situations in the relationship, causing unnecessary drama for the sake of causing drama. They may also become quite jealous and defensive over you. With this placement, you may desire a long-term relationship with someone who is practical, observant, orderly and has strong work ethic. You may wish to be committed to someone who has a selfless and giving nature, who enjoys helping you with daily tasks and taking care of the home life.

They may take great time and care in getting to know you down to the finest detail so that they can apply themselves to doing things the exact way you like it to make you happy example, taking note exactly what your favourite hot beverage is and making it exactly how you like it. They may clean and take the initiative to help you order and structure your daily routine and if required, help you with work. The partner may also be a diligent worker themselves, applying themselves to their own job and providing the partnership with a stable and steady income for the both of you.

They may also be quite concerned for your health and wellbeing, happily taking care of you best they can on your sick days. If afflicted, the partner may be overly critical and and faulty finding in the things you do and the way you do them. They may complain about the most mundane incidences which may get on your nerves. They may also be a workaholic, often not giving you enough attention and appreciation. Ultimately what you desire in a marriage or long-term partnership is dependability and punctuality whereby they follow through when they say they will do something and when, cleanliness and practicality, has a stable day-to-day job to earn money for the both of you.

With this placement, you may desire a traditional marriage and long-term partnership whereby you and your partner are as equally committed to one another in the relationship. You desire a stable, balanced and fair marriage partner, one that can see and understand your point of view, and even if they disagree, they can find a compromise and see a value in your opinion on things. You desire someone who is fair and respectful of you and the things you do and happily returns the favour to you.

You desire a long-term partner who is open about communicating and aims to settle any dispute before they get out of hand. You want someone who is a traditional romantic, and never forgets to express their love and affection for you. The marriage partner may be quite attractive and have a wonderful sense of style, and may be somewhat artistic, or at least has an appreciation of beauty and the arts.

They may be quite charming and charismatic and perhaps rather social, and have a strong sense of justice and may have an interest in government or law. They may be quite indecisive about things which can make the relationship frustrating if decisions are always left for you and also, it may make them lazy when it comes to choosing and pursing something in life.

They may also be indecisive about getting married or the relationship itself. Ultimately what you desire in a long-term committed partnership is fairness, balance, harmony, communication and understanding one another perspective, love and diplomacy, compromise and beauty in the relationship. With this placement, you desire an intense and deep connection to your marriage partner, where you unite all aspects of your body, mind and soul.

You want passion and security in the sense of deep intimacy in your relationship, knowing your partner is truly connected to you and will stay by your side giving you their full devotion. You may find yourself transformed as a person after marriage, perhaps in the house area your Juno is placed. The partner may be deeply sexual and passionate, and together you share highly intense intimate moments, going through emotional highs and lows, though in the end it can feel rejuvenating leaving you feeling the high of being alive, which may be quite healing for you.

You want to be able to trust your partner with all of your deepest secrets, and except all of your flaws and your past hardships, whereby being with them can allow healing of yourself and your past and anything you may face in the future. They may easily become jealous and you need to constantly reassure them of your commitment to them, even if you feel its unnecessary.

They may be quite secretive and mysterious which may make it frustrating for you to know what they want and to understand them better. They can also be quite self-destructive which can make the relationship exceedingly difficult. At times, their nature can become highly overbearing but once they break down they tend to build themselves back up again, especially with your assistance and presence. Ultimately what you want in a marriage or long-term committed partnership is deep connection, passion, intense intimacy, sex, to share each others emotional highs and lows, unwavering commitment, and the power to get through any challenged you face together.

If you do choose to get married you need an extensive amount of freedom to come and go as you please, and to do what you want and when. The marriage partner on the other hand may be quite open natured, optimistic and humorous. They may have a philosophical and expansive outlook on life, and can unconsciously take on a spiritual direction in life because of their open-mindedness.

They may have a passion for travel and exploring foreign countries and experiencing different cultures.

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  • You may in fact meet the marriage partner overseas, or they are originally from a foreign country. They may be quite jovial and fun, always encouraging you to go on an adventure somewhere new with them. If afflicted, the marriage partner may care about their personal freedom so much that they are unwilling to commit.

    They may stumble into a marriage without much forethought of what that actually entails, then once the realisation sets in, they may opt for a divorce but may even still want a relationship - just without a title , which may make this quite frustrating for you. The partner may be exceedingly hard to pin down and they may be quite reluctant to open up emotionally. Ultimately what you desire in a long-term commitment relationship is FREEDOM, fun and light heartedness, changeability to keep it interesting and a constant learning experience, open-mindedness, traveling together and playfulness.

    You desire the security and reliability found in marriage, and you want the relationship to be built on a strong foundation of knowing the partner very well before you are willing to commit. Once you have married, you do not want to separate from the partner and will do whatever is in your personal power to bring structure back to the relationship.

    You may attract a very hardworking and dutiful partner, who may be heavily involved in their own work life and career.

    They may express a very authorise stance in the relationship, and be quite serious in their personality nature. They may be significantly older than you and be quite conventional in the way they do things and structure the marriage life. They may be quite dutiful and take on the most difficult tasks, and also the responsibility of maintain the relationship, especially when it comes to providing the both of you with income. They may not be the most demonstrative and overly affectionate partner, but they express their love and devotion through their actions and providing for you.

    If afflicted, the marriage partner may be quite cold and pessimistic, and they seem to force the authoritative role in a relationship and set you a role which they expect you to fill. Their lack of affection and romantic gestures can be quite disheartening for you, and their lack of gratification if you give to them may also make you feel unappreciated.

    They can also be overly controlling, dictating where you go and when, which you can greatly detest in the relationship. Also, their devotion to their job and work can leave you feeling lonely at times. Ultimately what you desire in a marriage is comfort in traditional and conventional commitment, practicality and dutifulness, a hard worker, someone to prove for you, someone who can take leadership and is self-disciplined.

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    With this placement, you may desire a marriage partner who is a humanitarian that has a large social circle, whereby they know many people from many different places and therefore you can go with them to interact with a variety of people and gain new experiences. You may want a partner who is quite friendly and idealistic, one who is innovative and progressive in the way they do things, either for themselves or for the benefit of a larger extent of people. They may also express a sense of duty and authority, but more in an intellectual leadership manner than by commanding a following. If afflicted, the partner may be quite emotionally withdrawn and detached.

    Although you may know they hold affections for you, they may have trouble expressing it due to their highly intellectual nature and they may uphold their masculine qualities too much to the point where its difficult to become emotionally vulnerable to you. If you attempt to openly express your emotions towards them, they may distance themselves from you.

    There can also be a fear of commitment, from you or your partner with this placement, often withholding marriage, if you ever do decide to get married. You or they may value ones personal freedom and need for experimentation above the need for a solid relationship, which can mean manifesting as an open relationship.

    Ultimately what you desire in a long-term committed relationship is to have your own sense of personal freedom and space, socialisation with others together, having new experiences, genuine friendship with the marriage partner, understanding and tolerance of ones own eccentricities.

    With this placement, you desire a very sensitive, gentle and romantic marriage partner. You want to be able to get lost in them and their presence and experience unconditional love and care from them. You desire someone who is modest, compassionate and empathetic to you and your needs, as well as being selfless, compassionate and giving to other people. You also may have to take care of the practical side of things for the marriage partner or vice-versa.

    The marriage partner may be quite emotionally open and vulnerable, and is eager to care for you in anyway they can. They may at times try to mould themselves to be whatever you want them be. They may also have a soft spot for animals and enjoys caring for all forms of life. They may also be interested in caring for other people, giving themselves freely in a sympathetic form of service such as nursing or caring for the elderly, and generally helping those who are underprivileged and less fortunate. You may also idealise the potential partner, conjuring a fantasy of getting married to a creation from your imagination.

    This fantasy may also be projected onto the real life marriage partner, whereby you ignore there flaws and only see them as your idea of perfection. If afflicted, the marriage partner may be too overly self-sacrificing to the point of their own detriment. They may also be too much of a dreamer and live in their dreams and ideals, and not attempt to put them into action.

    They may at times become confused or have extremely high or low emotional episodes where you have to make sure you measure them that all will turn out fine in the end. There is also a possibility of drug and alcohol abuse from the partner. Aries Juno: Marriage is likely going to revolve around passion and chemistry somehow. Can indicate selfish partners, challenges with giving and taking in a union, or indicate ones own selfish behavior in love.

    Independence needs to be respected. Taurus Juno: Security is a big part of marriage for this person. Be careful of marrying out of fear or comfort or attracting partners that use your own dependency and stability. Gemini Juno: Friendship and communication is a big theme revolving around this Juno. Cancer Juno: Security, loyalty, and feeling comfortable is really needed in marriage.

    Things are all about attachment and sentiment in a relationship. Be careful of unhealthy attachment or dependency here. Could attract smothering or over protective spouses. Leo Juno: They want love in a big way. Marriage likely revolves around just the right formula for the individual, involving passion, romance, generosity, etc. Pride and ego can be reoccurring issues in unions, can be from themselves, their partner, or both. Virgo Juno: Devotion and possibly practicality might be at the center of a marriage.

    Could attract stress and worry to a union.

    Standards are high but there is simplicity to their love. Libra Juno: While this person may love romance, equality and feeling loved for who they are is at the center of a marriage. With Libra influences be careful of dishonest partnerships, shallower unions, or with more challenging aspects unbalanced relationships. Scorpio Juno: Intimacy, depth, and rawness better be in their marriage!

    Deepness is really at the center for their closeness. There can be a lot of intensity in relationships, watch out for things boiling to self destruct. May attract a possessive, jealous, or controlling spouse. Sagittarius Juno: Openness and discovery are at the center of a marriage for these people.

    They themselves could fear pressure, smothering, and commitment or attract partners that are hesitant to settle down. Burning through relationships may be a curse for some. Capricorn Juno: Commitment is the main theme in a marriage. They tend to attract steadiness in long-term relationships. Can have a hard time breaking from negative unions or tradition, even if desired. Aquarius Juno: Acceptance, respect, and support are needed in their unions.

    This is someone who needs their space. Sometimes they could attract those who threaten this space, other times they attract those who are independent, unconventional, and are slow or hard to get close to. Pisces Juno: Give them romance, affection, and oneness in a marriage. Can easily lose themselves in a partner, might attract lovers who are bad for them, can attract those who are highly sensitive, emotional, and there are themes of healing, healing a partner or a partner healing them.

    Juno in Aries: marriage as a new beginning Juno in Taurus: marriage as an investment Juno in Gemini: marriage as the linking of consciousnesses Juno in Cancer: marriage as the heart finding a new home Juno in Leo: marriage as a declaration of undying passion Juno in Virgo: marriage as a devout life improvement Juno in Libra: marriage as the discovery of the other half Juno in Scorpio: marriage as the intertwining of fates Juno in Sagittarius: marriage as another adventure Juno in Capricorn: marriage as adherence to tradition Juno in Aquarius: marriage as the convergence of ideals Juno in Pisces: marriage as the merging of spirits.

    Understanding the other person, their character, their mind and ideas. Aspects with the Moon can create attachment to the other person. The Moon-Pluto can be a very intense, emotional relationship and a bond to the point of feeling empty without the other person. Generally all of these can create dependency on the other person and a feeling of being cared for.

    Feminine and masculine energy collide. It connect the energies between two people. Mars looks at Moon as their softer, more fragile companion. It could create very strong intimacy between two people and it can be very obvious. These are the couples that always touch or are next to eachother in public.

    A favourite of many astrologers. It creates a strong physical attraction. The Venus person has everything Mars finds sexually attractive, but in a softer way. The Venus person has the feminine energy the mars are missing and need in order to feel satisfied. It can create a great sexual relationship. With the Venus-Venus aspects conjunction or trine two people will have a similar way of loving, showing affection, style and appreacite the same kind of beauty in things.

    With a Mars-Mars aspect conjunction or trine they will have the same pace. Great sexual chemistry due to them expressing their primal physical needs in a similar way. It can create a lot of passion, although there might be a lack of emotional attachment depends on the other aspects. These can create a very happy relationship. With the sun aspecting jupiter there can be ego boosting coming from both sides, motivating the other person, helping them grow and experience different things.

    Jupiter-Venus is a great love aspect, a very loving and happy relationship. Although they can get a lot of negativity when talked about, I find these aspects very helpful. These people can become a union and always be together. They see the other person as their other half and can feel empty without them, once they found them. Nurture, love, care, affection. This relationship is a savior for both parties. Good for the long-term. In astrology, Juno is the asteroid associated with long term commitment, marriage, compromise, and generally working together as a couple.

    ARIES: …Bold, strong willed, passionate, independent, confident, self assured, self motivated, ambitious, direct, able to stand up for themselves.

    Natal Juno retrograde | Astrology | Astrology, Scorpio moon, Cancer sun scorpio moon

    TAURUS: … Financially secure, stable, sensual, indulgent, able to stick to what they have said, reliable, able to appreciate the pleasures in life. GEMINI: … Witty, flexible, intellectually stimulating, spontaneous, playful, able to not always stick to a strict routine, able to actively engage in conversation. CANCER: … Kind, sensitive, in touch with their emotions, nurturing, protective of their loved ones, able to put emphasis on the family, caring. LEO: … Charismatic, romantic, attentive, expressive, generous, able to spoil you, over the top when it comes to you, entertaining, bold.

    VIRGO: … Practical, sensible, selfless, able to be of service, able to work diligently, modest, organized, detail oriented, able to stick to a routine, efficient. LIBRA: … Balanced, fair, considerate of others, able to easily compromise, diplomatic, charming, fashionable, appreciative of the arts. PISCES: … Compassionate, deeply sensitive, dreamy, imaginative, spiritual, empathetic, able to feel what others are feeling, intuitive, soft at heart. I have been getting a lot of questions about Juno i.